About us

At the time of the USSR the industry was focused on the using of domestic raw materials. Disintegration of the country destroyed Russian chemical industry to a great extent. Nowadays great part of chemical materials comes to Russia from Europe, China, India and other counters. Now in the condition of increasing of the rates of the world currency as never before the problem of using the materials of Russian production which are as high quality as the import ones is becoming very urgent.

The main direction in the scientific researches and industrial activities of “HIMSINTEZ LLC” is making high quality products which can replace the import ones on the market. Specifically paraffin wax was worked out and inculcated in production in the industry and its characteristics are just as good as the import ones, such as Mobil Hydro Wax, Chinese LUN-MD-2 and others. Replacement of import raw materials allowed getting chipboard and MDF of high water-resistance with considerable cutting expenditure for production. Chemical industry of our country stopped producing many important raw products, for example, it doesn’t produce such important industrial substances as formiats and ant acid. Russian factories have to buy these substances abroad. Nowadays researches in working out of original technology of synthesis of these combinations which should ensure high out put of final product of high quality are being led in the lab of “Himsintez LLC”.

The plan of research works of industry includes working out and inculcating in the production of many other technologies of synthesis of long-term materials for wood industry, building and other fields of national economy.